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 have access to other strings from companies not listed here such as Apollo, Gamma, Head, Pacific, ProsPro, Toalson , and I can normally have them in stock within 72 hours.(Normally 48hrs) I am always looking for new and exceptional strings, or strings that I can offer at better than normal prices. Please ask what I currently have if you can't see what you would like.


If you would like a hybrid of any combination, please call to discuss your requirements. As a guide hybrids start at £18.00 and more expensive combinations are roughly the cost of the two string prices added together divided by 2. (For Luxilon see below)


A replacement grommet strip maybe required when having your racquet strung. This is usually because the individual protective grommets have split or broken off, or the bumper strip has broken and no longer protects the frame. The cost of a replacement strip starts from £12.00 plus the cost of your chosen restring.

Own Natural Gut Strings
Your own Natural Gut string set or hybrid combination strung
Champions Choice Hybrid
Natural gut combined with a synthetic string, typically a mono filament (Poly)
Wilson Natural Gut
Wilson Natural is a powerful natural gut string offering plenty of control and good durability.
Babolat Pro Hurricane
A natural coloured monofilament string designed to provide pure power blended with topspin or slice for control. Gauge 1.25
Babolat RPM Blast
The slick surface of RPM Blast allows the main strings to slide out of alignment, grab the ball and then snap back to add spin to the shot. Almost all co-poly monofilaments do this, but RPM Blast has proved to do it the best in our lab testing. The result is, RPM Blast is the most spin-friendly string we have tested. RPM Blast offers a softer feel compared to traditional polyester monofilaments. Also a tad softer than Pro Hurricane Tour Gauge 1.25,1.30
Head Sonic Pro Edge
It's really got an edge to it. The SONIC PRO EDGE offers the same comfort and power level than its brother, the SONIC PRO, but has one tiny difference. It comes in a pentagonal shape, which allows ultimate spin. Made of special co-polymer material in combination with a soft molecular construction, the SONIC PRO EDGE is for club players who need control support and extra spin.
Luxilon Big Banger & Alu Power
Original & Alu Power Spin – the brand used most on the professional tour. These extremely durable strings resist movement for more power and optimum spin. Swing away and play like the pros … use Big Banger! Gauge 1.27,1.30
Pros Pro Black Out
Co-polyester string, good durability particularly suitable for aggressive players. Pentagonal shaped for extra bite.
Solinco Hyper G
Solinco Hyper-G is a high performance co-polyester tennis string using a chemical formula combined with a high-powered polyester monofilament fiber. This enables the player to generate maximum power and control, with the addition of increasing the spin and bite of the ball.
Solinco Tour Bite (All)
A newly developed high-performace and versatile poly string. Utilizes an inovative composition which allows for the high-powered mono fiber to provide superior ball pocketing, feel and level of playability. The new Diamond Rough option has a textured process to generate extreme power and intense spin and bite.
Volkl Cyclone Tour
Volkl Cyclone Tour is a soft co polymer performance string which is twisted for better bite and greater spin potential. Cyclone Tour is designed for advanced players looking to hit big.
All Synthetic Hybrids
Any combo of synthetic strings
RAB Tex Flex Premium
This is an excellent performance string offering a balance of power with control. The string gives a soft cushioned feel with minimal vibration. The multi-directional premium grades of polymer filament wrap ensure good resilience and durability.
Tecnifibre Syn Gut
A high performance string made from premium grade synthetic polymers. Low elongation factor and great elasticity give this string qualities comparable to natural gut, but at a much lower price. Brilliant performance and exceptional value for money. Gauge 1.25, 1.30
RAB Sensor Fibre HD
RAB Sensor Fibre offers a truly natural feel. Perfect for power and touch. – Neutral Sensor Fibre is often described as the nearest thing to natural gut; It offers a truly natural feel and is forgiving to the arm (ie. tennis elbow). The very small fibres are formed together by a unique chemical heat process. The material is saturated with polyurethane, twisted and time cured to create an exact string memory. This memory will read your shot precisely and help you to transmit the exact detail of
Toalson T8
Toalson T8 16 Set is a specially processed multi strand string, which combines multifilament and peek fiber technology. The honeycombed shape cross section string is designed for players seeking excellent repulsion, durability and great playability with a soft feel.
Wilson NXT/Power . Gauge 1.26 - 1.35
Wilson NXT Control is for players wanting monofilament control with NXT gut-like feel and power. The internal hybrid is a combination of soft polyurethane, medium soft nylon and firm polyester. Wilson NXT Power has a PU sealing, high crystallised Xycro Micro Fibres which are processed for better power and feel. This is a high performance string which replaces the NXT Tour. A great durable string with the feel of natural gut..
Wilson Sensation. Gauge 1.30, 1.35
Wilson Sensation is a multifilament string for power and comfort. Sensation is made with revolutionary Dual-wrap multifilament Xycro Micro Fibres. Wilson Sensation offers a similar feel and appearance to the natural gut at a fraction of the price. The supreme sensitivity comes from Wilson's Dynelastic technology, an exclusive wet wrap technique that twists and wraps the fibres at the same time. Sensation 16 is pre-stretched for tension retention with dynamic elasticity that holds the ball longer
Own Synthetic Gut
Your own Synthetic Gut string set