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I have access to other strings from companies not listed here such as Apollo, Gamma, Head, Pacific, ProsPro, Toalson , and I can normally have them in stock within 72 hours.(Normally 48hrs) I am always looking for new and exceptional strings, or strings that I can offer at better than normal prices. Please ask what I currently have if you can't see what you would like.


If you would like a hybrid of any combination, please call to discuss your requirements. As a guide hybrids start at £18.00 and more expensive combinations are roughly the cost of the two string prices added together divided by 2. (For Luxilon see below)


A replacement grommet strip maybe required when having your racquet strung. This is usually because the individual protective grommets have split or broken off, or the bumper strip has broken and no longer protects the frame. The cost of a replacement strip starts from £12.00 plus the cost of your chosen restring.

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