Squash Products

Listed below are the prices of the most common strings I stock. I feel that the range of strings I offer is comprehensive and that there is a string listed which is suitable for most people. I can also offer the full range of strings from most manufacturers so if there is a particular string you use or are interested in trying please contact me for a price.


I also have access to strings from other companies not listed here such as Gosen, and I can normally have them in stock within 72 hours. Please ask Me what I currently have if you can't see what you'd like. New bumper guards and grommet strips are available from £12.00 fitted plus the cost of your chosen restring.

Synthetic Strings

Ashaway Oblivion - Hybrid
The ultimate combination of adding a soft feel to a firm powerful string. Mains PowerNick 1.15, crosses PowerFusion 1.20
Ashaway MultiNick 18
Multifilament durable nylon string offers balance between power and control
Head Perfect Power 1.20
The Head Perfect Power Squash 1.20 features a densely braided core of 1250 multifilaments, surrounded by a Co-Polyolefine Ribbon wrap, which results in a crisp and powerful string.
Ashaway SuperNick XL Micro
SuperNick XL Micro is 1.15mm in diameter with a multifilament nylon core for optimum ball control and resilience. The textured surface and thin diameter maximize the ability to impart spin and cut the ball.- Yellow G1.15
Ashaway SuperNick ZX
SuperNick XL is 1,25mm in diameter for superior resilience and feel of the ball. Multifilament nylon core and textured surface increases the control and spin characteristics. Recomended for players looking for touch and feel and a string with good tension retention and durability.
Ashaway UltraNick 17/18
UltraNick 19 is 1.05mm in diameter for superior power and ball control. The textured surface and thin gauge combine to provide optimum ball response and spin characteristics. – Black Gauge 1.05
Ashaway PowerNick 18/19
PowerNick 18 is 1.15mm in diameter for optimum power and resilience. The textured surface and thicker diameter combine to ensure maximum durability and spin performance for the life of the string. - Red Gauge 1.25
Prince Lightning XX
Prince Lightning XX is an all-round performance string with Powerfoil Technology and exceptional durability. Lightning XX utilises spring loaded polyester Powerfoil to release explosive energy on impact for greater power whilst providing a broadband wear barrier for increased durability.
RAB TexFlex Premium
This is an excellent performance string offering a balance of power with control. The string gives a soft cushioned feel with minimal vibration. The multi-directional premium grades of polymer filament wrap ensure good resilience and durability. - Amber or White Gauge 1.32
RAB sensor Fibre
Offers a truly natural feel. Perfect for power and touch. – Neutral Sensor Fibre is often described as the nearest thing to natural gut; It offers a truly natural feel and is forgiving to the arm (ie. tennis elbow). This memory will read your shot precisely and help you to transmit the exact detail of Power and Touch. Perfect your game with Sensor Fibre. - Neutral, Green & Yellow "Used by Laura Massaro - National Champion & World No 2 " Gauge 1.32
Tecnifibre Syn Gut
A high performance string made from premium grade synthetic polymers. Low elongation factor and great elasticity give this string qualities comparable to natural gut, but at a much lower price. Brilliant performance and exceptional value for money. Gauge 1.25, 1.30
Tecnifibre 305 Green
The highest PU concentration of 45% for maximum comfort. The original green string still used by today’s champions. Control and dynamic performance. - Green. Gauge 1.10, 1.20 & 1.30
Tecnifibre DNAMX
Tecnifibre DNAMX offers dynamic power by using a combination of 100% elastyl fibers, together with PU HDX inside. There is also SPL2 inside for maximum cut. DNAMX has been adpated to the modern game to produce acceleration, reaction and agility.
Tecnifibre X-One Biphase
Leading string technology for maximum power and feel. H2C fibres increase tension maintenance. Elastyl fibres increase power and the Biphase process increases durability by 20%. Gauge 1.18
Wilson Sensation Strike 17
Wilson Sensation Strike 17 has a Liquid Crystalline wrap which surrounds nylon fibres for a crisp feel and contro
Own String
Your own Natural Gut/synthetic string set/combination strung