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Listed below are the prices of the most common strings I stock. I feel that the range of strings I offer is comprehensive and that there is a string listed which is suitable for most people. I can also offer the full range of strings from most manufacturers so if there is a particular string you use or are interested in trying please contact me for a price.


Replacement grommets maybe required when having your racquet strung. This is usually because the individual protective grommets have split or broken off and no longer protects the strings from the frame. The cost of replacement grommets is included within the cost of a restring. Exceptions to this are the latest Yonex Voltric  "E" Series and Z-Force/Slash rackets which require very specific types of grommet strips available only direct from the manufacturer. Prices for theses specials start from £12.00 per racket.

Try our badminton repair service for rackets that have parted company with their handle. Replacement wooden badminton handle and new Pu Grip can be fitted for as little as £15.00. Please note this service may take up to 14 days as sufficient time has to be given for all the adhesives to cure fully.

A rough guide to choosing the right string tension for you: -

Low String Tension

  • Larger Sweet Spot      More Power      Less Control      Increased Durability     Less Feel     Less Vibration

High String Tension

  • Smaller Sweet Spot    Less Power        More Control    Decreased Durability    More Feel   More Vibration

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